Our Course is Live on Udemy!

Exactly one year ago, Said and I were talking about all the amazing things we had already learned about this blockchain thing. And our first conclusion was that we needed to involve more people, and especially more developers to speed up the progress and democratization of this incredible technology. That’s when we started to work on our first online course.

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We gave a first talk in Devoxx Belgium, a few meetups and workshops here and there, all while designing and writing the material for our course. It was a challenging process, but an incredibly interesting one as we gathered the community’s feedback.

Our initial plan was to release it just before the summer, but we had clearly underestimated the work it would take to film all of the lessons. And we really wanted to create a practical hands-on course.

After all this, starting this morning, the course is now live on Udemy!

This is clearly an important milestone in the life of the ChainSkills initiative, and an important step towards realizing our mission of turning more developers into blockchain developers.

So if you’re interested in this course, you can use the following link to register with a 25% discount. Feel free to pass it around as it is available for a limited time only (until October 31st).

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this course so that we can keep updating and improving it along the way.

Also, we created a ChainSkills Slack community you can now join if you want to talk about everything Ethereum and blockchain as a development platform.

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