ProofOfCast #8: Le mariage de Ploum, le Duniter, le hash magique, la gouvernance des blockchains, EOS, zCash, Bitcoin et Tezos

L’Edito de Ploum La liste de mariage de Ploum en Bitcoins: 39NuhYd8DmzYCTPpGKbC65AFfMS6nKwyGy Le courrier des auditeurs kaosproject, sur le Slack de ChainSkills: “Bonjour @sarbogast pourrais-tu parler de Duniter dans ton prochain podcast ? et aussi à quand une vraie monnaie de tous les jours?” un article très complet sur Duniter Une excellente série de vidéos... Continue Reading →

You Should Watch “Banking on Bitcoin” I cannot recommend warmly enough that you watch this documentary on Netflix. It is incredibly informative. It presents a lot of very interesting facts and characters involved in the genesis and early history of bitcoin and the blockchain movement as a whole. And even if it looks like the first episode of a long... Continue Reading →

What Qualifies as a Blockchain?

Over the last couple of weeks, Said and I gave our first public talk about the blockchain as a development platform to a crowd of software developers gathered in Devoxx Morocco and Belgium. Our primary goal was to take a step back from the technical aspects, from how you write smart contracts, how you secure... Continue Reading →

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