ProofOfCast #9: Constantinople, Sapling, Fomo3D, Augur, Création de Monnaie, Gartner et Malte

Le dossier de la semaine avec Roxane Malik Actualités Constantinople fait débat: zCash aussi se prépare pour un gros hardfork: Les applications de pari font du bruit sur Ethereum: Augur est mis en production avec des résultats intéressants mais mitigés Les... Continue Reading →

What to do after our course?

As you may know, we created an online course to help people understand what the blockchain is, where it comes from, but also how to leverage it to create a new generation of software applications called decentralized applications. In this course, we teach students how to create a decentralized application project with Truffle, how to... Continue Reading →

ProofOfCast #3: Le sharding, la preuve d’enjeu, le parlement européen, payer ses voyages en bitcoins, Twitter sur la blockchain, AWS se lance dans la blockchain et la nouvelle classification fiscale des crypto-monnaies en France

Dossier/question du jour: Retour sur HackBelgium Actualités Vitalik Buterin propose le développement d’un MVP pour le sharding (source) (discussion) La preuve d'enjeu Casper arrive (source) (EIP-1011) L'Europe renforce ses règles en matière de crypto-monnaies (source) (accord original) Payer ses voyages en Bitcoins (source) (CheapAir) (BitPay) (about BIP-70) Twitter sur la blockchain (source) (ProofOfCast sur Mastodon) (ChainSkills sur... Continue Reading →

Make Love, not War at EthCC

From Thursday, March 8th to Saturday, March 10th, the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) was organized by Asseth in Paris, at the CNAM school. To be honest, I didn't think I would attend at first, because I had the impression that it would be a small conference between French people. But then a student of our... Continue Reading →

Fake blockchains strike again with Carrefour

  I really can't wait for the day when all these consortium/permissioned/private so-called blockchain initiatives will finally be recognized for what they are: a huge pile of over-designed overkill crap! But in the meantime, everyday, I'm frustrated a little bit more by those initiatives that just suck time and money away from the the projects... Continue Reading →

INFOPOLE Networking Event

Le 29 janvier 2018, l'INFOPOLE Cluster TIC organise son traditionnel événement de rentrée ouvert à tous et consacré à la deuxième révolution numérique, le Blockchain! Programme 16h30 Accueil 17h00 Assemblée Générale extraordinaire (réservé aux membres de l'INFOPOLE Cluster TIC) Conférence "Blockchain, deuxième révolution numérique" et cocktail dînatoire (ouvert à tous) : 17h45 Accueil 18h00 Blockchain:... Continue Reading →

Blockchain for Dummies

The blockchain is all the rage these days. Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others started growing by several thousand percents in a year, a lot of people are looking into them. But in the same way as emails were only the first killer app of the Internet, crypto-currencies are only the first demonstration of what... Continue Reading →

London, Here We Come!

We published our first online course about Ethereum and Solidity development in early September 2017 and we couldn't be more thrilled about the results. Today, almost 4 months later, nearly 4000 students registered for our course, more than 600 of which left a review, with an average rating of 4.66/5. What's even more exciting to... Continue Reading →

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