As we announced during our Devoxx talk, Said and I are working on creating an online training about the blockchain as a software development platform, and more specifically about creating distributed applications (DApps) on top of Ethereum.

We decided to launch this initiative for several reasons.

First of all, because we are absolutely fascinated by this technology, but it is clearly in its infancy and it needs some more advanced tools, libraries and frameworks. And the only way it’s gonna have that is if more software developers get involved, figure out the gaps and contribute to expand the ecosystem.

Second of all because the field is wide open for killer applications and real projects that will demonstrate the incredible scope of this platform.

Last but not least, there is far too much blockchain discussion nowadays that is focused on private blockchains, because the banks are attracting all the attention with their misplaced money. And we really think it’s essential we stop wasting all this money in something that has way less potential.

On the other hand, most of the Ethereum and blockchain documentation out there is very fragmented or outdated. We couldn’t find any source of information that was at the same time:

  • comprehensive, to present all the information regarding what a blockchain is, how it works, and how you can develop on it, not just with a programming language but also with a full development environment
  • up-to-date, especially as all the tools and languages evolve very fast
  • progressive, taking you from a basic software development basis to fully functional distributed application development knowledge
  • and supported, meaning that you should get answers to all your questions as you are progressing though this complex learning experience.

And that’s exactly what we would like to create with this training program. And yes, we intend to make this a commercial training, because otherwise it would simply be impossible to answer all the questions from the students, and to update the material on a regular basis, while keeping the quality of it at a maximum.

Now the thing is if we really want to maximize the value of this program, we need to know where our future students are and what they would like to get from it. And that’s why we prepared a little survey for you.

Thanks a lot in advance for answering that survey and/or sharing it with all the developers you know who might be interested in our training program.

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Sébastien Arbogast
Développeur passionné et indépendant, entrepreneur dans l’âme et apprenti visionnaire, je suis toujours à l’affût de ces technologies qui vont bouleverser le monde et nos sociétés. Consultant depuis plus de 12 ans, je me suis récemment lancé à la conquête de la blockchain, je donne des conférences et des formations sur le sujet (notamment en ligne sur Udemy). A côté de ça je suis curieux de plein de choses: la conquête spatiale, la moto, la musique électronique, les hippocampes albinos ambidextres… plein de choses.