I cannot recommend warmly enough that you watch this documentary on Netflix. It is incredibly informative. It presents a lot of very interesting facts and characters involved in the genesis and early history of bitcoin and the blockchain movement as a whole. And even if it looks like the first episode of a long series, it clearly demonstrates the foolishness of governments and traditional financial institutions, as well as the fact that we are witnessing the birth of something truly amazing.

And when you think that this documentary only covers what bitcoin is doing to the financial industry and doesn’t even mention guys like Vitalik Buterin or Andreas Antonopoulos other than by showing their faces, this gives me the chills! If anything, I think this documentary is nothing less than a landmark, a checkpoint, a cornerstone in a history we will all look back on in awe 20 years down the road. And I know it all sounds grandiose and unreal right now, but it is so ridiculously clear and obvious to me right this second that writing these very words in my PJs at 1:20AM feels like a heroic symbolic act of sorts.

So please anyone listening and reading those words, go watch that movie, you’ll thank the people it portrays and those who portray them later.

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Sébastien Arbogast
Développeur passionné et indépendant, entrepreneur dans l’âme et apprenti visionnaire, je suis toujours à l’affût de ces technologies qui vont bouleverser le monde et nos sociétés. Consultant depuis plus de 12 ans, je me suis récemment lancé à la conquête de la blockchain, je donne des conférences et des formations sur le sujet (notamment en ligne sur Udemy). A côté de ça je suis curieux de plein de choses: la conquête spatiale, la moto, la musique électronique, les hippocampes albinos ambidextres… plein de choses.