We published our first online course about Ethereum and Solidity development in early September 2017 and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the results.

Today, almost 4 months later, nearly 4000 students registered for our course, more than 600 of which left a review, with an average rating of 4.66/5. What’s even more exciting to us is that, on average, active students have watched 150 minutes of our course content, more than double the average for the entire Software Engineering category on Udemy.

As we are already hard at work redoing the entire environment setup and sample project parts of the course for Truffle 4 and Ganache, we are also looking into 2018.

In all of the comments and feedbacks we received from students, there are 3 requests that come back again and again:

  • Where is the advanced course?
  • Is there a non-technical version of this course for business people who just want to understand blockchain opportunities?
  • Do you plan to teach Ethereum development live so that we can learn faster and ask questions?

About the advanced course, it’s definitely planned for 2018, as there are plenty of topics we couldn’t cover in this introductory course, things like:

  • Frontend framework integration
  • Advanced data types
  • Smart contract design patterns and security guidelines
  • ICOs and tokens
  • Oracles
  • Authentication

About the non-technical course, we are also planning on reworking our content for a non-technical audience. And both courses should be released in the first half of 2018.

About the last point, the live training one, we have a special announcement for you today.

The ChainSkills Blockchain Bootcamp

From February 5th to 7th 2018, Monday to Wednesday, we are organizing the very first ChainSkills Blockchain Bootcamp in London.

We designed the content of the bootcamp to be modular and adapt to different profiles and backgrounds.

Day 1 will be a non-technical blockchain introduction, explaining why it came to be, what it is, how it works, and the opportunities it creates. This day will be ideal for developers who don’t know yet about the blockchain, as well as for business people who just want to understand it on a conceptual level.

Day 2 will be for developers who want to get their hands dirty with Solidity smart contract development. If you already know how the blockchain works, you can jump straight to day 2.

Day 3 is also for developers, but those who want the complete view on create a full decentralized application, with a real frontend based on React.

The full details of the program are available on this page.

We have 4 packages based on common profiles, and all of them come with full access to our online course. We also accept payments in Bitcoin or Ether.

We couldn’t be more excited to meet more future blockchain enthusiasts and developers in person, answer all of your questions and help you get started with your very own decentralized application project.

So if you are interested in this live training program, don’t miss this opportunity, as there probably won’t be seats for everybody, and the early bird discount ends on January 15th.

Also, if you know anybody who is curious about the blockchain, whether they are software developers or not, feel free to share this link with them.

This is just the beginning

I’m sure you’ve noticed the excitement about the blockchain lately. A lot of it is driven by the speculation around Bitcoin value, but as it drives more people into this space, some of them are realizing that cryptocurrency is only the first application of the blockchain, just as email was the first killer app of the Internet, but there’s so much more behind that.

And to build all those amazing applications, we need more people to understand the blockchain, and more developers to build tools, libraries and applications on top of it. That’s why we do what we do at ChainSkills, and 2018 will be full of new initiatives in that direction. Stay tuned!

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Sébastien Arbogast
Développeur passionné et indépendant, entrepreneur dans l’âme et apprenti visionnaire, je suis toujours à l’affût de ces technologies qui vont bouleverser le monde et nos sociétés. Consultant depuis plus de 12 ans, je me suis récemment lancé à la conquête de la blockchain, je donne des conférences et des formations sur le sujet (notamment en ligne sur Udemy). A côté de ça je suis curieux de plein de choses: la conquête spatiale, la moto, la musique électronique, les hippocampes albinos ambidextres… plein de choses.