Our ebook is out!

When we launched our online course with Said, in September of 2017, we wanted to create the first comprehensive, realistic and always-up-to-date resource about Ethereum decentralized application development out there. In retrospect, we couldn't have launched the course at a better time, since we rode the crypto-crazy wave of late 2017 and we racked up... Continue Reading →

London, Here We Come!

We published our first online course about Ethereum and Solidity development in early September 2017 and we couldn't be more thrilled about the results. Today, almost 4 months later, nearly 4000 students registered for our course, more than 600 of which left a review, with an average rating of 4.66/5. What's even more exciting to... Continue Reading →

The Byzantium Hardfork Operation

https://youtu.be/7T4ltRedw4k You might have heard that on the Ethereum blockchain, there’s gonna be a very important event soon, called the Byzantium hard fork. But before explaining what this is, let’s talk about what is a hard fork. What is a hard fork? First this is not a code fork, but a data fork. In software... Continue Reading →

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